Maruia River Retreat is bursting with anticipation for the arrival of spring – a time of rejuvenation and fresh beginnings.
At Maruia, we’re embracing the spirit of this vibrant season with some remarkable new enhancements to our facilities and offerings.

We are excited to welcome you back soon to our unique sanctuary where the luxury of comfort meets the healing power of nature

Our major highlight is the addition of a state-of-the-art, 8-metre heated magnesium pool with the Endless Pool system jets, allowing you to exercise while enveloped in the serenity of our natural rainforest and with the view of the Maruia River.

We are also thrilled to introduce you to our

Dedicated Wellness Centre

Private Finnish Sauna and Cold Shower Experience

Premium Yoga Centre

This newly enhanced space, complete wth timber floors, tall ceilings, and abundant natural light.

Expanded spa and Massage Therapy Menu

Wider range of treatments, upgraded treatment rooms and a new quiet room with a premium massage chair – the epitome of relaxation and a symbol of our commitment to your comfort

Enriched Library

We’ve added more books to our library so you can lose yourself in a captivating story, where your imagination can run wild and free.

With the upcoming spring season, there is no better time to rediscover the healing power of nature at Maruia River Retreat. As the forest comes to life with vibrant flora and fauna, we invite you to soak in the tranquility and renewal that only nature can provide.

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