Working With Us

Established in 2004, Boutique Hotels & Lodges NZ is recognised as the original, and now one of the leading international accommodation marketing companies in New Zealand.

We will introduce and guide you through working with our influential supply chain partners. Distribution channels can be complex and we will assist you to work closely with trade and media. These networks are an integral link to ensure your property is visible in international markets. We attend Tourism NZ offshore trade shows and conduct Webinars with key international agencies.

We have recognised over the years that every one of our client properties is different;  location, facilities, price or size. We market each according to their strengths and always ensure that quality is the overriding factor. Our marketing and business ethics are very important to us. We know our clients personally and have attained their loyalty and trust through our long term relationships. 

We pride ourselves in having clients who have been with us since the company’s inception – a  compliment and an affirmation of the way we operate our business. 

We are immensely proud of the operators we represent. 

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