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Boutique - what does it mean

They’re all different – from relaxing country homes, luxurious lodges, hip boutique hotels.

Ah, hospitality … now there’s a word. In its proper, warm and welcoming sense it’s one that can truly be applied to boutique hotels. They might not conform to a standard pattern, but they do share a few things in common – and one of them is their genuine hospitality.

Our boutique properties are mainly small – to medium-sized. What’s more, they tend to be personally owned and run by hands-on hosts, which explains their high levels of care and service.

How do you define Luxury? For some, luxury means unplugging from all their electronic gadgets – for others that sounds like pure torture. 

For some, luxury means a private butler to unpack your suitcase and serve you champagne – for others  a tent with a killer view and a mosquito net is preferable.

For some luxury means a quiet afternoon alone, contemplating views of the sea, the mountains a lake or simply rolling countryside – just watching the world go by.

And, of course, there’s quality too. Membership to our Boutique Hotels & Lodges collection is by invitation only. We look at things like comfort, attention to detail, food, décor and all those small touches that add up to so much, separating the best from the rest.

At the same time, we embrace individuality. Take a random look at a few of our properties. One might be an historic homestead and another, an eclectic hotel with drop-dead gorgeous views.  Or a cool reinvented seaside hotel.

Our tourism marketing company is owned and operated by Susan Roberts. With over 35 years of experience in the travel, tourism, airline and hospitality industry, Susan brings experience, knowledge, credibility, integrity and excellent relationships with all associated partners

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