About Us

Boutique Hotels & Lodges New Zealand Limited was established when it was recognized that there was a gap in the New Zealand Tourism arena for a niche marketing group to promote a select group of mid-upper market genuine boutique hotels, lodges, and villas to the international traveler. Many of these properties also appeal to the corporate market for incentive and conference accommodation, together with special ceremonies and weddings. 


The criterion was to bring together a non-competing, eclectic group of mid-upper market properties in each of the major tourism areas of New Zealand. No more than three properties are accepted from any one area and these must differ in either type, i.e. boutique hotel, lodge or villa or vary in tariff. This gives visitors to our site a nationwide range of “similar properties in quality while offering a wide range of differing experiences”; i.e. properties to choose from “collectively”.


To add to the experience, we have sought out properties, which offer an historic, architectural, artistic or cultural focus, as well as City, Lake, Mountain, Bush and Beach environments.  With a worldwide interest in cuisine travel, we have brought  together a collection of hotels and lodges offering gourmet dining and award-winning wines from New Zealand and around the world.


Established 14 years, Boutique Hotels & Lodges New Zealand is  recognised as one of the leading international tourism marketers in New Zealand. We are constantly “raising the bar” in an ever growing and competitive market.


Suse - October 2014 Waiheke island

The company is owned and operated by Susan Roberts who has over 35 years experience in the travel, tourism, airline and hospitality industry and from this brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, credibility and excellent relationships with all associated partners.


Susan is a member of  TIA– Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand.


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